Monday, 10 June 2019

Painting Interior of Front Door

My creative juices seem to flow In spurts.  Once I start a project and see design progress, it completely invigorates me to keep going.  As ya'll know, I'm embarking on a complete kitchen remodel right now.  The crew is at the house daily and I'm seeing fun and exciting enhancements to my space.

This has my wheels turning for other areas of the house I can update with minimal expense and effort.  For a long while, I have brainstormed the idea of painting the interior side of my front door.  I love the look and I think it adds a fun design element.

Here is the current interior front door space.  I decided to photo shop different areas of the door to get a visual of how the finished project will look.

Initially, I went conservatively and colored only the back of the door itself.  With so much molding around the perimeter, I felt that having only the door painted will be underwhelming.

I extended the color to the side panels (very similar to the inspirational photos I pulled above).  This seemed to make more of a presence.

And just to conclude the experiment, I added color to the top sky window.  Hmmm....I went back and forth because I think it could work, but In the end, I selected the middle selection where the color will be on the door and side panels but not the top molding area.  

I have a lot of teals In the dining room, study and living room.  I wanted a dark color that could represent a bluish tone, but I also wanted to tie In the color hues In the rest of my rooms.  I selected Benjamin Moore Slate Tac 2058-30.  

It took a few coats In high gloss and the door was looking transformed.  I have contemplated continuing up to the transom window area but for now, I'm going to live with it the way it is and see how I feel.  Not visible from these photos is a white trim that goes around the perimeter of this room (therefore I feel the white trim at the door still works to tie everything In).  Additionally, the study to the right of this space is also painted In a variation of teal so this color is carried through In several other rooms In the house.  

Vivid Hue Home  

I posted this reveal on instagram and many of you went crazy over the rainbow grosgrain chair.  It's Dransfield & Ross Louis XV and I can't find a current link for the chair.   I purchased it several years ago knowing that I would always love it and that rings true.  

Have you ever painted the back of an interior door In your house?  If so, what color did you select?  

Next week, back to our kitchen renovation updates!  


Thursday, 6 June 2019

VHH Renovation: This Week's Review In Photos

The Kitchen remodel is well underway.  Last week, we started off strongly with a complete demolition of everything in the kitchen.  Now, they are diligently working behind the scenes with changes such as electrical rewiring, plumbing adjustments and inspection approvals.

(If you're new to following this project, you can catch up here: )
Let's Redo!   |   Renovation Goals  |  Renovation Selections  |  Kitchen Stools 

There aren't as many dramatic photos to share during this phase so I thought I'd take you down a stroll of what's happened so far.

The project started last week with me frantically removing all aspects of the kitchen from all counters, shelves and drawers.  This was a good opportunity to purge many things we no longer needed but, gosh, there were things that literally seemed to come out of the woodwork.   Mission accomplished.

Now, the reality is that all of the junk that was In my cabinets had to go *somewhere* and while I tried to throw as much away (or donate) where possible, there were still piles and piles of things that got relocated to my dining room and mudroom.

I'm using a Connecticut team from Showcase Kitchens and they have been an absolute pleasure to work with.  Very professional and very buttoned up.  On day one, I left my kitchen looking like this:

And returned with all cabinets and appliances (except fridge) completely extracted from the kitchen.

 Shortly thereafter, the food pantry closet disappeared and I was more than happy to see this.  I'm not really sure why this closet bothered me so much but In the weeks leading up to this project, I could no longer look at it without cringing, ha!  It's likely due to the fact that the door stopper at the top of the pantry came off so the doors would push inside the pantry way past the door well.  It was a constant reminder of the ways the kitchen was falling apart.

By week's end, the marble slab on the island was to get cut and resized for my mudroom counter.   (Currently the mudroom has black granite and it's always bothered me because it doesn't match the Meg Braff kelly green wallpaper installed there).  

Next, the entire walnut kitchen island was removed (it will be replaced with the navy blue island).  And the silver pendant lights were taken down (stay tuned for what I have In store for lighting).  

The rest of this week will be mostly uneventful for photos.  The crew is working around the clock with plumbing and structural adjustments.  The inspectors will need to come approve the work completed to date.  I'm hopeful that by next week, the beginning parts of the cabinets will start to come back into the kitchen.  (And always, I'll continue to post snippets In real time on instagram stories, so make sure to follow here).  

Friday, 31 May 2019

Kitchen Stools: VHH Renovation

I've taken you on the planning steps of the kitchen renovation so you should understand my thought process that lead to my design selections.

To recap:
Let's Redo!   |   Renovation Goals  |  Renovation Selections  | 

The demolition started this week and I hope to have progress photos to show you soon (for sneak peeks, continue to follow my instagram stories for up to the minute photos).

I've tried to design a kitchen that will be classy and yet also push some boundaries.  I decided long ago that I am not going "tame down" my style so that my house will resell In the future.  I've got wallpaper on ceilings and In the mudroom and bright colors on the sunroom walls.

With that said, the elements that will be permanent fixtures In the kitchen are pretty toned-down.  For example, urban gray cabinets, white counters, navy island and white back splash.  I think there is room for me to introduce a nice dose of color In a way that won't make a permanent impression.  And that, my friends, is through the bar stools that will reside at my navy island.  Let's use this photo as inspiration as my island base will be navy, hardware will be brushed gold and the counter tops will be walnut.

Photo Courtesy of @michelemorganinteriors

Here are some of the bar stool styles and colors that I've been considering for my island.  I have decided that I am going to wait until more of the kitchen has been constructed before making my final selection.  There are elements to each of these that I can appreciate but there are also cons.
I absolutely love this World's Away orange crushed velvet chair with gold accents.  Imagine this orange against the dark navy island.  The hardware In the kitchen will be brushed gold and these chairs would offer a strong pop of color.  I like the high backs so that guests will have support when sitting In the chairs for a visit.  However, they're not actually very practical at all.  I envision my daughter, Smidge, having a bowl of oatmeal In this chair and crushing wet oats into the upholstery.  Also, the sides of the chair may feel constricting.  And will the gold retain fingerprints?  
The below is an alternate version of the chair with a round back, less upholstery and dark gray tones that would accent well with the cabinets.  

This Pangea Dexter Bar Stool is dark gray and I would still have the concern for the upholstery.  But the design is more simple.  Still, a high backed chair but with no constricting sides and the stools would push into the island nicely.  Hmmm...I still keep going back to the pop of orange though.  

My logical side says avoid velvet of any sort on a kitchen breakfast island when I still have smallish children (ages 11 and 12) that will belly up to the counter and get In all sorts of trouble.  I like this grass cloth linen colored stool for it's classic design, terrific color, caned backing and subtle gold accents.  The cushion seems forgiving and there are no sides to clunk down the design.  This may be a real contender (Now if I can only recall the vendor).  
And lastly, there is this fabulous rattan gray chair from Serena In Lily.  Great bistro design.  Durable with kids.  It's by far the most practical bar stool.  And that's where my hesitation resides.  This may be too "safe" for me.  It doesn't push the design limit enough, and that's what I do.  Particularly In my own home when I am my own client and I can be as risque design-wise as I'd like  

I'm still on the hunt and I won't make my final decision until further along In the kitchen construction so that I can better envision how each chair will line up along the island.  

Do you have a favorite out of these selection?  Do you have another stool that I should absolutely consider?  Please share with me!  I am open for suggestions.  

Up next, the week In review.  



Tuesday, 28 May 2019

SELECTIONS: VHH Kitchen for Renovation

Welcome to my personal kitchen renovation journey.  If you've been following along to this point, then you'll be ready to see my selections for cabinetry colors and counter tops.  If you're not up to speed yet, no worries, you can catch up by first reading here:

Let's Redo!   |   Renovation Goals  |

Vivid Hue CURRENT Kitchen (before Remodel)

Referencing my goals for this renovation, I started out wanting a slight refresh In the kitchen, but as I started the planning process I decided to make some major changes.  Here are some of the selections I decided upon during this process.

1. Cabinetry.
I currently have white cabinets and they've held up fairly well during the ten years of the kitchen's life.  However, they're starting to show signs of wear and tear and the corners have paint chipping.
Initially I explored the option of having the existing cabinets repainted a new color, but I found that it is *almost* as expensive to have them professionally repainted as it is to replace the cabinets.  I decided to replace the cabinets completely.

As y'all know, I love color so I wanted to incorporate color into the kitchen but also keep the design timeless and tasteful.  I wanted a gray cabinet and, initially, I felt confident that I'd go fairly dark gray.

Here are the initial samples I considered; believe it or not, they are both variations of gray but, side by side,  they present quite differently.  The right is clearly more gray while the left has more beige overtones.  I decided to take a poll on Instagram to see what y'all preferred.

Vivid Hue Home 

The results?  Most of the voters preferred the left color which is a lighter, more beige color.  While I ALWAYS appreciate your feedback, I don't *always* let that steer my final decision.  In the end, I selected the more gray color and here's why:  When I placed the cabinets up against my wall paint color, the beige cabinet became washed out and bland.  I wanted more of a pop for the end results.  The gray is still subtle.  And In the end, I selected the urban gray! (shown on the left below)  

Vivid Hue Home Color Selections 

2. Counter Top.
I have black granite in my current kitchen and I knew I absolutely wanted white In the new kitchen.   I had to decide between quartz and quartzite.  The biggest difference between quartz and quartzite is that quartz is a man-made material, while quartzite is a natural stone. ... A quartz counter top is engineered with the same quartz crystals found in quartzite, but a man-made process binds the crystal with resins, pigments, and other materials such as bits of glass.  Quartzite tends to be more expensive because it's a more complex process to transform the mined quartzite into slabs.  

In the end, I selected quartz simply because it comes In more colors and patterns.   Pigments added to quartz during the man-made process can be used to achieve a wide spectrum of colors.  Granted, I only wanted white, but even with white, I found that the quartz slabs can be veined In the factory to create a more consistent pattern (and of course this can't happen with quartzite because it's a natural product).   I personally do not like an incredible amount of veining In my counter top but I wanted just enough to pull out some of the color from the Gray cabinets.  

Urban Gray Cabinets with White Quartz

3. Open Floor Plan 
I wanted to create the illusion of a more open space without changing the physical square footage of the current kitchen.    There are a few ways I hope to achieve this.   

Remove closet: I have a food closet/ pantry that is about 3 feet deep along one wall.  My immediate thought was to remove the closet to gain more square footage.  Yes, cabinetry will be put along that wall, but it will be less space than the current closet.  

Vivid Hue Home Old Kitchen 

Relocate Refrigerator to gain more open counter top space.   Currently, the fridge sits on the far left of the kitchen right by the patio door.  It creates a large anchor In the kitchen and encloses the space.  We decided to move the fridge over to the opposite wall so that I will now have one long open counter on the wall where the fridge once sat.  

Vivid Hue Home Old Kitchen

Vivid Hue Home Old Kitchen
Vivid Hue Home (Full Countertop on Left)

Vivid Hue Home Kitchen before DEMO

4. Hardware
I'm ok with mixing metals In my home.  (That's what Vivid Hue Home is all about, mixing colors and patterns).  I decided to swap out all of my nickel In the kitchen with brushed brass hardware instead.  The faucet and lighting fixtures will be brushed gold brass as well.   

5.  Kitchen Island
My current island is white Cabrera marble with a walnut base.  I wanted to introduce a splash of color on the island, something classy but fun.   I love the inspiration photos that show navy cabinets with brushed brass hardware and wood.  I also had a fun teal color In mind.  

I considered a teal color for the island but the non-custom selections were too electric blue.  Ultimately, I selected a classic navy cabinet that will blend very well with the urban Gray cabinets and the white quartz. 

Urban Gray Cabinets with White Quartz.  Navy for Island Base

The island will be larger In the renovated kitchen and I wanted a substantial counter top that would command presence.  Keeping true to my inspiration photos that showed navy with walnut, I decided upon a walnut wood block for the island.  The standard width of the top is about 1.5" thick.  I wanted more drama so upgraded to an even thicker width (it will be about 2.75").  

6. Backsplash
I have always been less of a risk taker when it comes to back splash.  My motto is that less is more.  I personally don't like introducing additional colors or designs In the tiles.  It seems a bit hypocritical of my typical opinion that the more patterns and textures, the better.  My current kitchen has a basic white subway tile back splash.  All of the tiles go In the same direction.  So, when selecting back splash for my new kitchen, I went into the process with the same philosophy.  Initially, I thought I wanted a herringbone tile, but because there isn't a lot of distance between my counter tops and my cabinets, there would be little room to create a true pattern with the herringbone.  Still, I wanted something with an interesting geometric shape that provided pattern without introducing additional color.  
I decided on this solid white hexagon shaped tile.  It's somewhat modern while still being traditional. And it won't compete with the other elements In the kitchen.  

Vivid Hue Home Renovation Selections 
A view of the navy island cabinet with walnut top.  Urban Gray cabinets and white quartz with the white hexagonal shaped back splash.  And below, a view of the back splash next to the white quartz.  I am expecting quite a bit more light In the kitchen with the removal of the black granite counter tops.

It's difficult to envision how all of this will look together but I have great hope that it will be exactly what I want.  What are you thoughts about some of my selections?  What would you do differently?  Is there anything you absolutely love?  

Please tune In for additional details of the renovation.  Demolition started today and I will continually post behind the scenes progress on my instagram stories.  


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